2023-24 Officer Team

Jason Aochi


Jason (he/him) is a Third-year Accounting and Information Systems double-major with a minor in music belonging to Taiko Kai's 9th Generation. He grew up near a professional taiko group and has always been interested in learning how to play.  Before joining Taiko Kai when he came to UW, Jason had experience with western percussion from high school. His current favorite song is Korekara and his favorite part of Taiko Kai is getting to practice and perform together as a group within a friendly community! 

Noa Roth

Practice Director

Noa (he/him) is a Senior double majoring in Informatics and Political Science from Taiko Kai's Generation 8. As a freshman he joined Taiko Kai because of the welcoming nature of the club. Through his time with Taiko Kai he has found mentors, friends, and a community of people where he feels he can be himself each week! One of Noa's favorite songs that we play is Dancing Dragons, a song composed by his previous taiko group (Kona Daifukuji Taiko) in Kona, Hawaii. Noa says it has been really rewarding seeing more and more members learn a song that is very special to him.

Jennifer Stump

Performance Director

Jennifer (she/her) is a Senior majoring in Mathematics with a minor in Music and a part of TK's 9th Generation. She grew up watching her family friends perform in taiko groups and had always wanted to try it. Cue Taiko Kai! Her favorite parts of being in Taiko Kai are the energy and the people. Outside of Taiko Kai you can find Jennifer playing trumpet for several UW music ensembles including the Husky Marching Band, doodling around campus, or at any half-decent boba place.

Kanon Morikawa


Kanon (she/her) is a Community, Environment, & Planning major in Taiko Kai's 10th Generation. She was born and raised in Japan, where she gained experience playing taiko during elementary school, leading her to join Taiko Kai in college. Her favorites parts about Taiko Kai are relieving stress by playing and making lots of fun friends!

Bill Baxter


Bill (he/him) is a Computer Science major in his second year from the 10th Generation of Taiko Kai. He joined Taiko Kai because of how it combines musical, physical, and cultural aspects with a great community. His favorite part about Taiko Kai is learning a new song in a group. 

Mora Morales

Equipment Manager

Mora (they/them) is an International Studies major in Taiko Kai's 10th Generation. They joined Taiko Kai because they loved their experience with the Kodo taiko group in 2018 and wanted to continue with the instrument. Their favorite part about Taiko Kai is the Spring Concert, because all the members get to show off all our talents and be super cool!

Kristine Chang

PR Manager

Kristine (she/her) is a senior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Informatics. She joined Taiko Kai early in her sophomore year because she wanted to continue playing taiko in a collegiate setting and perform on stage. In her free time, Kristine loves decorating her room and drinking matcha or chai lattes.

Luke Dutta

Graphic Designer

Luke Dutta (he/him) is a third year studying Medical Laboratory Science. He joined Taiko Kai because he wanted to be physically active and continue playing music in college. He also enjoyed watching taiko performances growing up! His favorite part about the club is the great community and the opportunity to learn and play taiko.