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2021 Newsletter

As the summer comes to a close, we would like to highlight our accomplishments as a club over this past year. We held our first live performance in over a year at the Edmonds Uptown Evening Market! One of the core values of performing taiko is engaging the audience, and we are working with new generations of Taiko Kai to maintain that value.

During fall 2020, as a performance club that feeds off face-to-face interactions to learn, it was difficult to host fall workshops but it came with much success! Bonding with new members became an important part of Taiko Kai: making bucket drums together to practice with, online practices and game nights.

In winter and spring of 2021, King County moved into phase 3 along with vaccine rollouts. This allowed Taiko Kai to begin in-person practices. Taiko Kai had its first online performances: FIUTS CulturalFest, our Virtual Showcase, Spring Showcase and the U District Light Rail Opening Festival! Moving forward, we will be continuing to have in-person practices and prepare for upcoming performances. We would like to thank our friends and families that made doing what we love, playing taiko and having a good time, a reality.

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